About us

Welcome to Felicie Cottage & Residence (Seychelles), we are a small team, we are passionate and we look to exceed your expectations. We offer a superior service to other establishments in the industry. Our management team has a combined experience of 30 years in the tourism industry and understand the local tourism ecosystem intricately.

The serenity and seclusion from the daily grind will make Felicie Cottage & Residence feel like a home-away-from-home. We are a self catering establishment however that does not mean we should conform to the status quo. The industry is ever evolving and we seek to do so with it.

Felicie is the name of one of the oldest living person in Seychelles or more specifically, Pointe Au Sel. The district you will be staying at. The land is family owned, freehold. Mrs. Felicie lived up to 103 years old and was known by the nickname (Cici/Sisi). As fate would have it, she passed away 12 years ago. What provided people of that time with such longevity? Could it be something in the water? Who knows?

Felicie Cottage is inspired by the traditional local architecture of the time of (Cici/Sisi), however you will come to notice that a fusion between modern and the more rustic and older architecture can be found in the core theme of everything around you.