The Seychelles

Map of SeychellesCoco De Mer

Whether it is your first time in Seychelles or you are a returning visitor. Our quiet and pristine Islands will hold something to captivate you. Making your experience here a memorable one. 

Seychelles, we like to think we try to live as one with nature. Seychelles is a developing country that aspires to be a shining pearl, if you will, in the Indian ocean.

Our history is a rather short one, given that we were originally discovered by pirates roaming the seas a little under 300 years ago. They would come ashore to restock before heading off to the regular pillaging and plundering. There is the local legend of ‘Tresor Labiz’. It is said that a bunch of pirates, left in a hurry and left behind a substantial amount of loot in pure gold and exquisite trinkets. Whether it is cursed or not, remains to be discovered to this day. Let alone the discovery of the treasure itself.

Modern day Seychelles, is very much like what you would expect in a country that is a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds. We strive to live in harmony and in the spirit of ‘brotherhood’. If you are adventurous, we have the local cuisine to subject your palate to. From spicy to mild, from tangy to sweet. Try out some local dish exotic and unique are two words to describe them in general.

The predominant ethnicity will be Africans, Indians, Chinese and French. Seychelles was previously a French colony that then became a British colony until the 1970s.